The Center Thumb Wheel –Turning the wheel will allow you to retract or extend the NeverMeasure arms.

Auto-Centering Arms – Regardless of their position, the NeverMeasure arms are always equal distance from the center point. This Auto Centering feature makes it simple to find the center point of any space.

The Locking Screw – This can be used to tighten or loosen arm tension. Secondly, the Locking Screw can be used to lock the arms in place.

The Bubble Vials – There is a vertical, horizontal and two 45 degrees angled vials. These vials will do all the work when it’s time to level an item.

Numbers – The numbers on the NeverMeasure assist you with auto-centering. The numbers start off at 0, and move out equally both left and right. If you’re spacing came out to 50, the left location is on 50 and the right location is on 50. You can move the center point to your desired location, and spot mark the 50 on the right and the 50 on the left. You will then be level and centered when placing an item.