You have a dilemma. You want to add some personality to your home by hanging the new décor you’ve purchased – a one-of-a-kind painting that looks perfect in your living room, a hanging shelving set that lets you stay organized and lastly, a custom-made hanging mirror.

Here comes the difficult part – measuring and balancing these items on your wall. They may make it look easy in the movies, but in real life, we all know measuring tools can easily become a nightmare.

Here’s How NeverMeasure Replaces Your Average Measuring Tool:

NeverMeasure Doesn’t Require Complex Math
Measuring tape looks simple, but can easily become complex. Sometimes the addition and subtraction of a centimeter here and an inch there, quickly becomes a complicated job. NeverMeasure’s auto-centering feature allows you to find the center of any space without using math.

NeverMeasure Locks Your Position in Place
How many times has your measuring tape altered positions and forced you to start the measuring processing from scratch? This is a frustration majority of people have had when hanging items. NeverMeasure’s locking screw allows you to lock the arms in place. Once they are locked, you can move your NeverMeasue from one area to another with ease.

NeverMeasure Makes Alignment & Centering Easy
Maybe you don’t struggle with calculating or the locking portion of hanging items. Perhaps centering items is your challenge. If so, NeverMeasure has a solution for you. NeverMeasure’s bubble vials can be used as a level for hanging items. You’ll always be able to find the center with no hassle. When combining the bubble vials, arms and numbers; you can master the alignment of hanging any piece with ease.