Are you familiar with the concept of negative space? This is a term commonly used by artists and typically refers to the white parts on a paper or a canvas. It is the space that does not feature the actual art. Because placing art on the wall is like putting paint on a canvas, you can apply this concept to your home decorating process.

When you start to hang art on the wall in your home, you want to make sure that everything looks balanced. Having negative space on your walls ensures that the room has a comfortable and clean feeling. When you start to place too much art on the walls, it starts to feel cluttered and messy, even when it is clean. When you are planning to hang artwork or photos on the wall, you want to spend some time thinking of a design, planning it out, and looking at it afterward to make sure it feels right to you. Finding balance with negative space and art on the walls is a personal opinion, so do not hesitate to add or remove any pieces when the design does not work for you.

You can make the process of decorating your home simple when you use tools for hanging picture frames. NeverMeasure is a fabulous picture hanging tool that was created to help you place and level your artwork and photographs.