Whether you have just moved into your home, or are just doing a little redecorating, hanging art and family pictures on the wall is a significant part of the decoration process. But before you start the hanging process, you want to make sure you are planning your design.

The first step in planning is taking a look at the art and photographs that you have to see if they even belong together. You may have a piece that sticks out and does not look right with the rest of the pieces you have. You should lay everything out to see what works. Once you have weeded out any pictures that do not belong, you can start looking at the different sizes to see which pictures you will be hanging near each other. You can piece them together like a puzzle if you want to keep them close together. After choosing the right design, you place the pictures on the wall and trace the outlines, ensuring that you hang the photo or art in the right spot.

Make the hanging process simple when you have NeverMeasure, a picture hanging level tool that was created to make the photo and art hanging process incredibly simple.