Knowing about your walls before you hang a picture is crucial. Whether you own a home with drywall or are renting a property that features plaster walls, you’ll want to confidently hang your pictures and artwork without a hitch.

Many people live in homes with drywall. If you are one of these people, you have two choices, the first is to find a stud to attach your fasteners, and the second is to get anchors to hold your fasteners. With the limitations of placement created by connecting to studs, if you hang is less than 50 lbs, you should use screw in anchors which provide the best flexibility in placement of your decoration. It is much harder to hang artwork on plaster walls. If you hammer a nail into your wall, you might crack it. If the decor is light, you can use a small nail. Otherwise, you should drill a hole into the wall before you use a larger nail.

Hanging art on a brick wall is about the same level of difficulty, but it does require some special tools.   First, you must drill into the brick and install concrete/brick anchors before installing your fasteners. Ideally, a hammer drill would be used and paired with mason bits which will allow you to drill into the brick. Once you have your hole drilled, you will need a hammer to drive the anchor into the hole. Once the anchor is in place, you can place your screw or nail for supporting your decoration.

As you can see from these scenarios, it is important to get your fasteners location correct the first time to avoid unnecessary damage to your walls generating from adjusting fastener location because it was not correct the first time. When it comes to getting it right the first time, the NeverMeasure is a magnificent option for easy picture hanging. This multi-use tool can help you hang artwork in your home, as well as cabinets and window film. Your imagination is the only limit for this fabulous tool.