Making sure your home looks unique at all times is crucial. You do not live in an art gallery. Instead of hanging your pictures in the same places at all times, you should use your photos and art alongside a variety of accessories to really make things pop.

A simple way to add accessories to your art is to invest in a variety of decorative picture nails, eye screws, and knobs that you would typically use on dresser drawers. You can screw or hammer these selections into the wall and add a decorative ribbon to the back of your art piece to really make it stand out. Additionally, you can consider placing your photos and artwork on shelving. This option allows you quickly switch out pictures or create a space where you can display seasonal artwork. If you are someone who really loves Christmas, this is an excellent place for those special holiday images.

Not only is our picture hanging level tool right for hanging photographs and art – you can use it for shelving, household fixtures, window film, or anything else you may need to hang on the wall. Take a look at this fantastic tool today and see why you should make the investment.