Making unnecessary holes in the wall can be frustrating. Before you call up a handyman to help you with the problem, here are some easy ways to fill in these nail holes:

Drywall Mud

This is perhaps the best and most efficient way to take care of nail holes in your wall. You can pick up drywall from your local hardware store and fill the hole until it is completely covered.    Let the drywall mud dry completely and sand over it until it is nice and smooth.   Sometimes you have to use a second coat of drywall mud to get the holes filled in completely.     Once smooth you can paint over the repair to finish the job.


Wood putty or wood filler is another option that professionals use to fill nail holes in the wall. Much like drywall, you will be filling the hole until it is filled. Afterward, you can sand down the area for a flat finish.


Are you trying to fill a hole in a pinch? Toothpaste has been a quick option that works for people who have accidentally made holes and want to cover them up temporarily. All you have to do is fill the hole with basic white toothpaste, wiping away any extra toothpaste with a wet rag. It is important to note that it is not a permanent solution.

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