Are you on the hunt for something unusual to hang on your wall? Take a look at these strange but cool options that may work with your décor:

Vintage Chairs

It may seem like an odd choice, but many designers are hanging vintage chairs from old dining sets on walls. These chairs can be used as a shelf or to highlight something special. Additionally, these pieces can be admired as unique works of art from another time.

Faux Animal Busts

Are you a fan of animal busts but not into the world of taxidermy? There are plenty of faux busts available that are sure to be a conversation piece in any room. You can select one that looks just like the real thing or purchase an artsy version that only looks a bit like an animal.

Period Clothing

If are a fan of vintage styles or historical events, you can hang your favorite period clothing on the wall. Vintage uniforms, old wedding dresses, and selections with interesting patterns are an excellent choice.


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