This past weekend the NeverMeasure team had the opportunity to attend the HSRA Summit in Dallas Texas. It was a wonderful event with great people, much learning was had by all. What really jumped off the page to me was the willingness of everyone to share their stories both good and bad which led to very emotional discussions. It was so awesome to see people open up about their challenges and share their learning to help push an entire industry forward. The keynote speaker, Brandon T. Adams, talked about his brand building journey and the impact key people had on his personal as well as professional growth. Very inspiring. I recommend checking him out if he is presenting near you or on his new TV show, SuccessInYourCity or on his podcast channel, Live to Grind

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Jana Uselton founder of HSRA with Brian Blasey of NeverMeasure, Brandon T. Adams of Success in Your City with Brian Blasey of NeverMeasure