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Large 36" NeverMeasure - NeverMeasure

Large 36″ NeverMeasure


This is the large version of the NeverMeasure Picture Hanging Tool, body size is 18″ and arms that extend to 36″.   It integrates, horizontal, vertical and 45 degree levels to allow use in multiple orientations.


This is a single pack of the just the large 36″ version of the NeverMeasure product family.  Useful for artwork with fastener located with a spacing of 36″ or less AS SEEN ON THE TV–THE TODAY SHOW: Featured on The Today Show and other media because our picture hanging level tool was created to allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to hang their pictures and projects easily and properly without damaging walls and wasting money and time. SIMPLE TO USE, NO HASSLE TOOL: It can be difficult to hang pictures, collages, multi-panel canvas prints, mirrors, household fixtures, shelves, flat screen TVs, and other items straight the first time. The NeverMeasure tool integrates measuring and leveling features to allow you to easily locate and mark where your fasteners will go allowing you to easily hang your artwork where you want it and level every time. REPLACES YOUR AVERAGE MEASURING TOOL: Measuring tapes and other tools seem easy to use but can require complex math and move constantly, frustrating you and wasting your time in the process. NeverMeasure’s auto-centering feature allows you to find the center of any space without using any math. The locking screw allows you to lock the arms in place. When combining the bubble vials, arms and numbers; you can master the alignment of hanging any piece with ease.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 1.4 in