NeverMeasure Set – Standard and Large Models

NeverMeasure is a multipurpose picture hanging tool that includes precise spacing, leveling and placement capabilities. The auto-centering feature allows for a quick and easy way to find the center of a space or object out to 36 inches. The locking screw permits you to precisely transfer a dimension from a template or back of a picture to where it will be placed. The bubble vials allow you to seamlessly level your projects as you align for fastener placement. When you are seeking a solution for hanging those home decorating projects and many other tasks, rest assured that NeverMeasure is the all-in-one tool for the job.

Product Description

NeverMeasure is a multi-purpose tool designed to allow anyone, regardless of skill level to take on many home improvement projects faster and easier than ever before. NeverMeasure comes in a set, the small size for tight locations / smaller applications, while the larger size allows usage up to 36 inches. By combining a number of tools into NeverMeasure we removed several of the complications that go along with household improvements such as hanging pictures, wall hanging, cabinet matting, or window film. With NeverMeasure the uses are limited only by your imagination. NeverMeasure is 100% Made in America.


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